Kristen Meinzer, Panoply Media

Kristen Meinzer, Panoply Media


Kristen Meinzer is a senior producer with Panoply Media where she produces Happier with Gretchen Rubin and other shows. She’s also the co-host of Panoply’s By The Book, along with comedian and Moth Story, Slam winner Jolenta Greenberg. By The Book is a reality show in audio form, where Jolenta and Kristen live religiously by a different self-help book in each episode. Before Panoply, Kristen was culture producer for PRI/WNYC’s daily national radio show, The Takeaway and co-host its weekly spinoff podcast Movie Date. She also served as the launch producer of The Sporkful podcast, a development producer for CBS, and an associate research scholar with NYU’s Center for Religion and Media. Kristen holds a BA in cultural studies from the University of Minnesota, an MA in public history and consumer culture from New York University, and an MFA in fiction writing from Brooklyn College.



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