Charlie Birney Co-Founder, Podcast Village

Charlie Birney


Co-Founder of Podcast Village – an audio and HD video studio (streaming on multiple platforms available) where you can record, produce and edit your message.
Co-Author with Hilda Labrada Gore of “Podcasting Made Simple”.

Before podcasting: In my over 30 years working in the DC Metropolitan area, I have worked as a property manager, lobbyist, permit coordinator, marketer, non-profit director, and land developer. In the last five years at the Brick Companies, I worked over 50% of my time developing our company’s charitable policies and programs.

Specialties: Extensive experience in permitting projects in Maryland. Contracting and developing those projects as well as the marketing and management of same.

Folk Music: I am currently playing in a folk music duo (Swarbrick & Birney) and an acoustic blues trio (Snakehead Run). Really!



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