Breaking Down PR’s Hidden Game: Making Moves From The First Periodic Table Of Influence

What do Donald Trump, Heineken, Pepsi and United Airlines have in common? Their brilliance and bumblings are explained by what this speaker and top PR critic calls influence strategies — the basic units that inform the hidden games of influencers. From his Plays of the Week and Plays for the Presidency blogs and podcasts, Alan Kelly breaks down the moves and mistakes of politicos and CEOs and the counter-moves that failed or buried them. As described in his landmark book, The Elements of InfluenceKelly’s analysis is based on The Standard Table of Influence, an exhaustive and widely tested taxonomy of the 24 most basic strategies of politics, PR, communications and other forms of influence. The book and infographics of Mr. Kelly’s breakthrough decision system are free to audience members. All are encouraged to read these provocative editorials: Fake News: PR’s Little MonsterProtecting Our Fourth Estate: The Plunder of Politics and PRWe Need a Language for Spin, Believe MeTrust Me, I’ve Got a Barometer, and Honestly, PR is Dishonest.

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