Tracy Moran, Ozy Senior Editor

Tracy Moran, Ozy


You can take the girl out of Michigan, but she’ll never quite kick all that sand out of her shoes. Tracy grew up in the Great Lake State, where she sailed with her grandfather and swam thousands of laps for her swim team. These days she’s more likely to be found sailing off the Breton coast, but she remains a Michigander at heart.

A senior editor at Ozy, Tracy has had newspaper smudges on her hands since taking a paper route at age 13. She has worked as a writer and editor for, Gannett’s Guardian regional series in London, Deutsche Welle, the Cambridge Evening News and various other publications around Europe. She has a couple of degrees in international affairs and can speak what she calls French and a bit of German, but she’s aware she leaves the natives cringing. An expat living in England with her husband and children, Tracy is an Anglophile who is as likely to misspell colour as she is to pronounce Tube with a “ch.” She loves jazz, Arts & Crafts antiques, beagles, traveling and the theater, and she believes nothing beats the sound of her children’s laughter or Philip Roth’s prose.

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