Steve Pearlstein Columnist, The Washington Post - Professor, George Mason University

Steve Pearlstein


Steven Pearlstein, a business and economics columnist for the Washington Post, joined the GMU faculty as Robinson Professor of Public Affairs in the fall of 2011. He started as deputy business editor in 1988 as and, over the next two decades, also served as the Post’s defense industry reporter, economics writer, and Canadian correspondent. He became an opinion columnist in 2003, with a wide-ranging interest in business and economic topics of local, national and international interest.

Professor Pearlstein was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for commentary in 2008 for columns the previous year anticipating and explaining the recent financial crisis and global economic downturn. In 2011 he won the Gerald R. Loeb Award for lifetime achievement in business and financial journalism. He is the author of Can American Capitalism Survive?  Why Greed is Not Good, Opportunity is Not Equal and Fairness Won’t Make Us Poor, published by St. Martin’s Press.



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