Roy Schwartz Co-Founder and President, Axios

Roy Schwartz

Roy Schwartz is a co-founder and president of Axios. Under Roy’s leadership, Axios was awarded Adweek’s “Hottest in News 2018,” listed to Fast Company’s “World’s Most Innovative Companies 2018,” named to Ad Age’s “Publisher’s A-List 2019” for both Digital and Events, and announced as Washington Business Journal’s 2021 Fastest Growing Companies. Roy also led the launch of Axios HQ, an internal communications platform to help teams communicate more effectively. Rooted in years of research, Axios HQ creates scannable emails that deliver essential information in half the time.
Roy is the former chief revenue officer for POLITICO, the digital media company focused on politics and policy in Washington, New York, and Europe. Prior to POLITICO, Roy was a Partner at Gallup’s management consulting practice in Washington, DC and California advising Fortune 500 companies on employee and customer engagement.
An expert in digital media, business, and strategy, Roy is a frequent speaker at media conferences including SXSW, Min Folio, Digital East, and Interactive Media Conference.


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