Roy Abdo – Gallup Communications Lead & Consultant

Roy Abdo – Gallup

@roYAbdo and @Gallup

Roy Abdo is a communications lead and consultant for Gallup, Inc. In his work at Gallup, Roy directs various social and digital communications, as well as provides guidance in advertising and brand messaging. Roy led projects communication for Gallup clients such as International labour organization or world bank financial inclusion index. Roy serves as a certified CliftonStrengths and High Performing Team coach as well.

In addition to his work at Gallup, Roy is a digital marketing consultant and CEO of Digital Revamp Marketing. Digital Revamp is a premier marketing agency that has done research, personalization, and online amplification for clients such as Lyft, PJI Law, and Social Restaurant Group.

Prior to joining Gallup, Roy consulted with marketing agencies across the U.S., the Middle East, GCC, and Northern Africa. Roy served as a Senior Digital Media at Middle East Broadcasting Networks and the International Broadcasting Networks, growing their reach to over 20 million on digital media. Roy has been showcased on such outlets as MTV, Sky News, and various panels at the Public Relation Society of America and American Marketing Association.

Roy received his MBA from Johns Hopkins University with a focus on Marketing. When he isn’t traveling the world or working with his company, Roy can be found at Virginia International University, where he is an adjunct professor.  





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