Robb Lee – ASAE Chief Marketing and Communications Officer

Robb Lee – ASAE


Robb Lee serves as the Chief Marketing and Communications Officer for ASAE in Washington, DC. He is responsible for leading and managing all of the activities within ASAE’s Communications Group. His responsibilities include management of marketing, branding, Web site, public relations, social media and Associations Now, ASAE’s flagship publication. In addition to the communications functions, his management responsibilities also include Innovation/New Product Development and Diversity & Inclusion that are creating a foundation for product development and evolution at ASAE.

He has more than 25 years of experience creating, developing, implementing, evaluating and managing national and international multi-media branding, advertising and public relations campaigns for products represented by organizations such as Mitsubishi, GEICO, Post Cereals, Kraft/General Foods Coffees and government clients such as The EPA, and others with budgets ranging from $1M to $55M. Robb has worked at several top 10 advertising and public relations agencies. His experience also includes Marriott International and ABC Radio.

In 2016, Robb was recognized as a Trending 40 CMO in the Washington, DC region as a top Chief Marketing Officer. He was recently named to the advisory board for the Folio Association Media Summit. And he has spoken many times at the Folio Show in NYC on association publishing and marketing. He is a frequent speaker in the association community as well including at the Ohio Society of Association Executives, the Wisconsin Society of Association Executives, as a panelist on, and many other engagements.

He resides in Washington, DC with his wife Jackie and they have three children with two in elementary school and a junior in college. Robb is a competitive bike racer and loves to read fiction and nonfiction whenever he can.



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