Owen Lang – The Gigawatt Group President

Owen Lang – The Gigawatt Group


Owen Lang has spent the last decade investigating the ins and outs of the human narrative. From movies to television commercials to strategic campaigns, his award winning work spans the realm of multi-platform storytelling. Working closely with clients to find their story and execute their vision, he collaborates in every aspect of the creative process. Understanding that each project contains some sort of improvisation, he embraces the notion of being present, using the moment, adding new information, and – most importantly – saying “yes, and…”

Owen has improvised with some of the largest businesses, ad agencies and television networks in the world. Whether it is a Cannes Lion finalist created with a renowned director or or a slow burning feature with an independent filmmaker, his vast catalogue of experience ranges from conception to completion. He’s worked directly with companies large and small to help them find their story and understands that the only difference between strategy and story is all in who’s doing the telling.

He doesn’t trust astronauts (petty jealousy) or AI (too many scifi books as a kid) but is working through his issues with the help of Chris Hadfield and Siri.


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