Lucy Caldwell Founder, Mockingbird Lab

Lucy Caldwell


Lucy Caldwell is a technology executive and former issue-advocate with more than a decade of experience. An expert in data-driven outreach and grassroots activation, Caldwell began her career working in direct issue advocacy, and later, building a tech company that upended the landscape of issue outreach.

She is the founder of Mockingbird Lab, an audience intelligence platform disrupting the way leading organizations and brands turn their audience into lifelong supporters and champions.

Until 2019, Caldwell spent five years at Crowdskout, serving as the Chief Strategy Officer, EVP, ultimately helping to shepherd the company through a successful acquisition. Crowdskout’s software has been deployed by national and local advocacy and campaign professionals across the political spectrum in all fifty states, as well as across four continents. Under Caldwell’s tenure, Crowdskout was named the Best Advocacy Technology Platform by Campaigns & Elections Magazine.

A former comms staffer with relationships at every major national news outlet, Caldwell has been quoted in print publications and has appeared on programs on CNN, Fox News, and Fox Business, as well as NPR’s Diane Rehm Show. She frequently speaks and writes on the collision of technology and issue advocacy. A graduate of Harvard College, Caldwell lives in Washington, DC.



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