Lisa Matthews, Hager Sharp Vice President

Lisa Matthews, Hager Sharp


As Vice President at Hager Sharp, Lisa works with all clients and across account teams to refine their messages and positioning to build stronger partner relationships with stakeholders and the general public. Lisa employs nearly three decades of journalism knowledge for Hager Sharp’s clients, providing guidance on how to best frame stories, make them compelling, and share them across multimedia platforms. Lisa gained nearly 20 years of that experience at the broadcast division of the Associated Press. She served as planning editor and assignment manager, coordinating coverage for AP Television, AP Online, and AP Radio. Since joining Hager Sharp – Lisa has developed media strategy for the Department of Health and Human Services Office on Women’s Health (OWH), National Diabetes Education Program, Global Liver Institute, National Center for Education Statistics and other clients. Lisa also provided media training for OWH spokespeople in advance of radio media tours during National Women’s Health Week and Domestic Violence Awareness Month.


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