Franklin Parrish – Kaiser Permanente Creative Director

Franklin Parrish – Kaiser Permanente


Franklin Parrish is a creative director and a marketing, advertising, and content strategist with over 15 years of experience developing collateral and messaging for a variety of brands.
His career has been distinguished by his expertise in identifying the “Big Idea” that best addresses consumer needs, and then building omni-channel messaging platforms around those core concepts that resonate with target audiences. Since 2009 he has employed this targeted approach to marketing and communications, advising companies and clients on how to author brand stories that successfully engage audiences.
Previously, Franklin taught a master’s-level course in digital marketing strategy at Delaware’s Wilmington University and currently teaches content strategy at Georgetown University’s School for Continuing Studies. Students learn his method for melding brand insights together with audience demographics, behaviors, and psychographic data to create customer personas that drive winning marketing campaigns.
Franklin currently heads the Creative & Editorial Services team at Kaiser Permanente Mid-Atlantic, leading advertising, creative, marketing, and content development efforts that foster growth and maintain its member base of over 780,000.

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