Etela Ivkovic Senior Manager, Marketing, Clements Worldwide

Etela Ivkovic

I have a long time passion and a strong background in SEO. In-depth website audits, site optimization, and website migrations are exciting projects I enjoy.

I believe in SEO’s true power when it’s not done in an isolated, fragmented way as is often the case. SEO is but one tool in a business’s tool-belt for successful marketing. No one professional uses only one tool to achieve the best results. Why would websites rely only on SEO to perform well?

The most gratifying approach to me is aligning holistic plans where all elements of marketing efforts interact and enhance each other to maximize the effectiveness of each tactic and the campaign as a whole. This is achieved by combining all components of the business, marketing, design, in-depth technical aspects, digital brand alignment, user experience, usability, search engine crawlability, website optimization, website migration management, markup, keyword/topic/semantic research, content optimization, creative content strategy, promotion, outreach, improved click through rates, and conversion focus.

I create strategies that prioritize immediate needs as well as incremental appropriate stages. Much of my work for clients is done ‘hands on’, but I also have established relationships and work seamlessly with professionals who have specialties in particular areas.

I love helping businesses define who they are, what they offer, what their goals are, translate it into a strategy, identify, and connect them with their target audiences and customers.

After building a digital marketing agency in New York for 10 years, I bring my expertise to a variety of brands with a focus on SEO and crafting targeted strategies that integrate all efforts and teams to most efficiently hone in on reaching the goals.

Presented on digital marketing topics at Campaigns & Marketing Summit DC, Social Shake-Up, NYS Small Business Dev. Ctr. Staff Conference, Webgrrls NYC Chapter, SCORE Association, SUNY New Paltz, and SUNY Ulster.


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