Dave Jorgenson TikTok Guy, The Washington Post

Dave Jorgenson

Dave launched the @WashingtonPost TikTok channel – where he posts short, newsworthy TikToks twice a day, five days a week. For his work on TikTok, he earned two Webby nominations in 2020 and a win in 2021. He won an award from the North American Digital Awards for ‘Best Digital Project to Engage Young and/or Millennial Audiences.’ He was also on Forbes 30 under 30 list in December 2020.

Dave writes, produces and stars in ‘Department of Satire’ videos. These are satirical and funny videos, usually centered about national politics or technology. The videos can be found on his own YouTube channel, facebook page or the Washington Post website.

Dave also hosts, produces and edits ‘Short Takes’ for the Washington Post – a series in which he interviews kids from 4 to 14 about current events and whatever else they want to talk about.

Additionally, he shoots and edits videos for other projects on the creative video team, including “Han & Ann get Answers” and “Anna’s Science Magic Show, Hooray!”.


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Keynote: Dave Jorgenson, The Washington Post’s “TikTok Guy”– Making a TikTok Every Day: 365 Prompts for Attention-Grabbing TikToks

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