Andrew Sklerov, Goodway Group Account Director

Andrew Sklerov, Goodway Group

Andrew has been in the advertising world since the moment he graduated from Cornell University in 2002. While he began his career in traditional media, as a millennial he quickly realized digital media was where the industry going and began transitioning into this growing space in 2006. With over 10 years of experience in the digital media space and over 5 years working for the largest independent programmatic managed service provider in the country (Goodway Group), Andrew has a wealth of knowledge and expertise as to where the digital industry currently resides and where it’s going. Since joining Goodway Group in 2011, Andrew has been at the forefront of the programmatic space – which has quickly grown from around 20% of how digital was transacted when he joined Goodway to approximately 70% of how digital media is transacted in 2017. Working with one of the earliest adopters of programmatic (Goodway entered the space in 2006), Andrew has been at the cutting edge of the programmatic industry. Today Andrew is helping lead the charge on educating clients the importance of Quality and Viewable inventory, and how to combat the ever growing, intrusion of Fraud into the digital ecosystem. Andrew is a father of 2 sons (approximately 1 & 3 years old), and lives just outside NYC in the suburbs of Rockland County.


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