The ‘New Rules’ of PR Writing: Why Practitioners Must Get in Sync, Bring Their Employers Along

A discussion on how PR writing is changing and why PR practitioners must learn the new approaches, not only to write more proficiently, but also to write more credibly and effectively in our warp-speed, increasingly social-mediated world. You’ll learn the ‘New Rules’ that can empower and invigorate your own and your staff’s writing so it accomplishes more for those it’s intended to represent.

Session elements:

  • Flash poll at start of session to assess and comment on audience’s view of PR writing style and content.
  • Presentation on what the “New Rules” are, why they’re in play, and how to harness them for greater writing results.
  • Illustration of strategic “big picture” headlines, leads, quotes and goals.
  • Report on what media want from PR writing and they rarely get.
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