Keynote: Brain, Behavior, Story: How Science is Revealing Most Communications Efforts are Dead Wrong

Come take a head-spinning, whirlwind journey that will unsettle just about everything you thought you knew about effective communications. Christopher Graves, global chairman of Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide, has delved into thousands of pieces of original brain and behavior research to bring you the highlights. He will link three historic accidents, ranging from a gruesome railroad injury to eating monkey treats, that teach us that there really is a science to the art of communications. Graves has been called on to teach this method to dozens of organizations, from AARP and NIH, to Ford and IBM.

This is not some eye-rolling, mind-numbing avalanche of research. It has made scientists laugh, lawyers cry, marketers rethink and communicators turn their messaging approaches inside-out. 

Graves serves as both the global chairman of Ogilvy PR, and chair of the public relations industry association, the PR Council. Before holding both the APAC and Global CEO titles at Ogilvy PR, he worked at the highest level in the news business for 23 years. He writes a monthly column for Campaign and PR Week, has co-authored three books for McKinsey, and won the highest thought leadership award open to all 160,000 WPP employees– three times. Graves has been a longtime public speaker at events such as World Economic Forum (Davos) and still appears on TV as a guest commentator. 

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