Beyond Interruption: How Social Media is Defining the New Era of PR

Not long ago, successful public relations campaigns told the best story and were measured by “media hits”. But in today’s world, a brand can make a lot of noise without being heard, and tell the truth without being believed. The strongest indicators of success have shifted to engagement and interactions from influencers and customers who are writing their own autobiographies. PR success means becoming part of someone else’s story.

This panel will cover winning public relations efforts with social media at their heart. In this new era of public relations: Washington DC’s #WeDC campaign outperformed global brands at South by Southwest Interactive by sparking thousands of real people to include its brand in their selfies. NASA grows and maintains millions of subscribers across various social media, skipping the news media and going directly to the consumer. Honda utilizes Twitter to not only share information about the company’s investment and presence in the US, but also to engage the government relations community. The American Hospital Association finds and engages healthcare professionals using data and targeting that were unavailable a few short years ago. And in-house marketers and consultants alike must shift their focus from telling a great story to become part of someone else’s.

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